You need to allow pop-ups on the Transfirst payment site.

Because of the annoyance that many pop-ups created for the users, most web browsers now block pop-ups by default.  However, there are sites where pop-ups are required to achieve proper functionality.  Our Credit Card Processor website requires pop-ups to notify you when fields are not properly filled in and other useful information.

Since many sites actually need to use pop-up, browsers typically alert you to the fact that a pop-up has been blocked.

Each browser displays the dialogue box (alert) indicating it has blocked a pop-up in a different place and/or in different way.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox display this information at the top of the screen.

Microsoft Internet Explorer displays it at the bottom of the screen in a “pop-up” that will go away after a few seconds.  You need to be quick for this one!

** Apple’s Safari browser is the odd man out in how it handles pop-ups (see below).

The easiest way to turn the pop-up blocker off for a particular website is to select the “Allow once” button or a similar option.

The image below is the pop-up that appears at the bottom of the screen when using Internet Explorer 11. The “Allow once” button allows pop-ups on the Transfirst site for the current visit. For frequent visitors, the “options for this site” button allows you to select “Always allow.” Chrome and Firefox have similar options.

Pop-Up Blocker IE

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For more information:

Additional information on how to manage popup blockers is provided in the links and discussions below.


Google’s Chrome Browser

For more detailed information, click here.  The section on how to “Manage pop-ups for a specific site” is probably the information most people will be interested in.

Mozilla’s Firefox Browser

For more detailed information, click here.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer Browser (see image above)

  1. If you think you will be using the payment site multiple times use the button “Options for this site” shown in the image above and select “Always allow.”
  2. For more detailed information the following sites may prove helpful. Link or Link and open the section titled “How can I choose to allow pop-ups from a specific website?”  This explains how to set Internet Explorer to always allow pop-ups.  The address (URL) to add is: “hosted.transactionexpress.com” without the quotations.

Apple’s Safari Browser

The Safari browser is either on or off and does not have the “exception” option that the other three browsers have. However, Safari also tends to allow pop-ups that originate within the website, which should allow the Transfirst website to function without turning off the pop-up blocker.  If a warning flashes across the screen, it can generally be ignored.

If you do need to turn the pop-up blocker off this Link will show you how.