Online Payments

Making an online payment is easy and secure.

Your payment confirmation and the ability to print a receipt are provided in a popup window.  Due to the abuse of popup windows all browsers now block or partially block popup windows, so you may need to turn off your popup blocker!

If the web browser prevents you from seeing this popup screen, you will not have the ability to print a receipt. However, failures in processing your card are shown on the payment page. If you don’t see a warning and the screen just “poof, goes away” your payment has been accepted. If you think you have paid multiple times or did not get confirmation of payment, please call us at 901-753-2794, option 2 for billing, and we can check to see if your payment has gone through, print a receipt and/or credit back any over payments.

To see how browsers show a blocked popup window click the popup blocker link here or your browser’s link below.

Microsoft Internet Explorer

Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

The payment link below is hosted by TransFirst, which is a credit card processing company that uses a secure, encrypted SSL connection to process all transactions. If you have any questions about the security or privacy of this payment gateway, please contact us at 901-753-2794, option 4 for billing.

*** There are just four things you will need.

  • Your account number with Dermatology East;

The Dermatology East Account number is a six digit number, including the place holder zeros, generated by our practice management software. It can be found in the Upper Left corner of you Statement. We request that you use this number as it provides a first link between your payment and your account here, the patient’s name provides the second.

  • The patient’s name;
  • Your payment information; and
  • Your email address if you would like to send a receipt to yourself, or knowledge of how to turn off Pop-Up Blockers in your web browser if you want to print a receipt. It takes several minutes for the email to be generated and reach your account.

We accept the following forms of payment:

Visa®, MasterCard®, Discover® and American Express® — as well as signature debit cards (e.g., health savings account and flex spending cards) and ACH payments (bank transfers).


  1. Enter your Dermatology East account Number.
  2. Then click on the payment link.
  3. You will be taken to our credit card processing company’s website where you can securely submit your payment.
  4. The first screen asks you to select the type of payment.
    • The most common selection is “Credit Card,” which also includes HSA cards.
    • If you would like to pay by electronic bank withdrawal, select “ACH _____” and the type of account you would like to have the money withdrawn from, checking or savings. You will need both the account number and routing number. If you need help finding the routing number, click or hover over the “?” in the blue circle.
    • Do not select “Purchase Cards”
  5. Once you select the payment method you will be taken to another secure screen where you can enter the payment information.
  6. Enter the required payment information, including the card holder’s full name and billing address.
  7. If you would like to receive a copy of the receipt by email, please enter your email address in the appropriate box. Your email address will not be retained or subjected to any spam. Alternatively, you may print a copy of your receipt when the transaction is complete (if you beat the pop-up blocking function).
  8. Your payment will be posted to your account a few business days latter.

Make Your Online Payment

Dermatology East Account Number:
Then Click

If you would like to provide comments or suggestions to improve the usability of this payment method or the instructions provided, please fill out the Feedback Form.